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Moon Rabbit!

Treading on the silk of a moonlit walk, would you ever want the moon rabbit missed? made of endless dark craters, the sign of imperfection yet brings life to the milky angel of night.
Wet clothes are heavy, they feel uncomfortable, and they don't protect me against the cold weather any more. I can shed the clothes, free myself from their weight and be naked against the cold world. I'm not worried about being in my skin, I know they would first laugh at my nudity, then scold, forgetting I'm just like them, unclothed, empty and l ifeless. What's holding me back is the fear, fear of yielding to that lifeless emptiness.   I remember the warmth of my clothes, mentioning h-bar alone would get me elated; I could get drunk spending hours thinking about a small question that popped up in some corner of my mind.   I remember the comfort of their softness, look of that shiny eyes, and the softness of that dark brown hair, which would talk to my heart silently.   I remember the joy of being dressed, the enthusiasm that drives me crazy sometimes. The club, forums, and day-to-day news which used to remind me that I'm human, c