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Sing to me..!

Words that pour, From the lips on fire, Melodies that ring, By the fingers that dance, Smiles that breath life, Through the eyes gleaming with light, And love that captures, with a heart that's open wide, Will concur time, and space.. across oceans, across borders, across the phases of sun and moon.

A River flows to the Ocean..!

From misty mountains, Through steep ravines, Around massive boulders, And over the green plains, A river flows to ocean. River, A unity of tiny droplets. But does it? Do they? You could be picked up, Find yourself in a bathtub, Playing with a smiling toddler, Then discarded into a garden, And end up in a Luscious mango! Or, End up in the veins of a person, Strapped in to a chair, And watched by a panel who, Would solemnly mark down, The time of their last breath!