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Books I have read

Lately, I was trying to remember some Russian novels that I have read, and realized that it is a really hard thing to do. So thought to have some kind of a record, and here we are. You are welcome to leave a comment on anything, or may be recommend a book.

Mother - Maxim Gorky (Sinhala)(Yakada Pravahaya) - ( ---) (Sinhala)Three years - Anton Chekov (Sinhala)(Sara Bhoomi) - (---) (Sinhala)Dr. Zhivago - Boris Pasternak (English)And Quite Flows Don - Mikhail Solokhov (Sinhala)My Universities - Maxim Gorky (Sinhala)How The Steel Was Tampered - Nicolai Ostrovsky (Sinhala)A Story Of A Real Man - Boris Polevoi (Sinhala)The Iron Flood - Alexander Serafimovich Popov (Sinhala)
Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain (Sinhala) Huck Finn - Mark Twain (Sinhala)David Copperfield (Sinhala)Lorna Doone (Sinhala)Heidy - Johanna Spyri (Sinhala)Animal Farm - George Orwell (Sinhala)'1984' - George Orwell (Sinhala)Space Odyssey 2001 - Arthur C Clark (Sinhala)2010 - Arthur C Clark (Sinhala)2064 - Arthur C Clark (Sinh…