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Sing to me..!

Words that pour,
From the lips on fire,
Melodies that ring,
By the fingers that dance,
Smiles that breath life,
Through the eyes gleaming with light,
And love that captures,
with a heart that's open wide,

Will concur time, and space..
across oceans, across borders,
across the phases of sun and moon.
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A River flows to the Ocean..!

From misty mountains,
Through steep ravines,
Around massive boulders,
And over the green plains,

A river flows to ocean.
River, A unity of tiny droplets.

But does it?
Do they?

You could be picked up,

Find yourself in a bathtub,
Playing with a smiling toddler,
Then discarded into a garden,
And end up in a Luscious mango!


End up in the veins of a person,
Strapped in to a chair,
And watched by a panel who,
Would solemnly mark down,
The time of their last breath!

Amon Goeth in Schindler's list and pardoning the devil.

I finally watched it. I was attached to the movie the full three hours, was deeply disturbed by the imagery of the real events that was happening touched by the show of humanity and ended the movie with tears. Great movie... Yes! (Though, it wasn't a great movie, no. I want to write about that too, on a different post).

While there were many scenes that are brilliant in many ways, one act puzzled me very much and I think was just pure genius. That is the scene where Amon Goeth kills the boy who was cleaning his bathroom bowl. Here's the last part of it...

In the outset the scene portrays the devilish commander killing an innocent boy who think he was pardoned. But I think the scene goes far beyond that. It shows how Amon exercises his new found interpretation of power, power to pardon, in its ultimate sense by pardoning himself. Showing that he finally truly understand the meaning of power, the ultimate power yielded only by God, to pardon a person as villainous as he is.


Fighting the Imaginary Demons

I wanted to write more comprehensively about the video I posted a bit ago where Zizek was claiming that Hillary is in fact less dangerous than trump. But like many other things I consider doing, I know I will never get to that, so thought I'd clarify some of the thought that went behind my agreeing with Zizek's argument -- to a certain extent, at least. So, this is just an outline of what I think, and in no way a proper argument, since, well, this is not an argument where I bring facts and examples. Though you are welcome to look more into the idea if you are interested. Also, keep in mind that this is exclusively coming from somewhat Marxist perspective. Hence the end goal is creating a classless society by building strong coalitions among the global working class

First, here's the (video)[]. My argument related to the video is that Hillary represents a real problem which perpetually creates the likes of Trump, and hence liberals'…

Summer Gone by..!

The repeated thought,
With a deep sigh,
And a sinking heart that follows,
Are the only remnants,
Of a summer gone by!
Where all the smiles,
And loving memories,
Are reduced to dust,
Of melancholy!

The Purpose

If life has none, but one purpose, It is to love, Love madly and deeply! If living is nothing, but one thing, It is to feel, profoundly, Both tears and laughter!

What's said and what wasn't..!

I'm confused, she said
I still love you, I thought she said.
I wanted to be free, she said,
You made me a prisoner, I thought she said.
I feel like a kid, she said,
i want to fly high, and dance with the wind, I thought she said.

I still love you, she said,
And I want to be with you, she never meant.
You made me a prisoner, she said,
We sang, danced and made love in our prison together, she never meant.
I want to fly high, and dance with the wind, she said,
We can get lost in the clouds, and see the world from far above, together.....
I know, she never meant!


The earth moves beneath you, suddenly! And the void grows, fast! You struggle to find hold, Anything, whatever it maybe..!  But there's only emptiness, air! That reaches your hands, and feet! The heart races, the body twitches, While the darkness just keeps growing.. You refuse to see the truth, the light! That you are lost, and falling! Falling fast and deep, Into the void, you were always scared of!  But you wonder, If it's the void, Or being pushed to it, Unexpectedly, but "lovingly" That hurts most!

A Reply to 'Dying Fall Tree.!"

She's not dying,
She's just laying, resting...
Fluttering whenever the cold breeze,
Tickles her neck, whispers,
And asks her to laze,
Laze, and let it carry away,
The sorrows of crimson and amber,
She so dearly holds..

End of the road..!

It makes me shiver, Shiver to the bone. Not the flurry snowflakes, That kiss you and disappear on your face! Not the frigid wind, That wants to carry you far away! Nor is it the frozen roads, That don't want you to leave! But it is the thought, The gloomy thought, That this might be the end of the road, The pinnacle of melancholic beauty!

Couplets of Boredom

Dawn is near, But sleep is not...
Room is silent, But neighbours are not!
Sheets are warm, But the bed is not!

The memories have stayed,

Fading Bluemoon

The blue moon, That silvery-milky light, Filled everything with its soothing love, Like the murmur of a silky touch, Said it's time... Time it moved on, Said it's tired... Tired that only eclipses, The world it loves, Has given back.


Drums are beating,
Flags are waving...
Tough talks from the capitol hill,
And media starting their warning drill..

The gears of a giant machine
Has already started moving...!

What's next for occupy

With the winter approaching, the momentum and the buzz about the occupy movement is dwindling and thus calls for an evaluation of it's goals tactics, and of course, success.

The Neoliberal policies that have captured most of the world today have created a crisis of the middle class. The dwindling middle class has created social instability and with the occupy movement, the people's resurgence against these systematic problems has come into the spotlight all over the world. If one expects to change things for the better, a re-formulation of tactics is needed to benefit from the heightened momentum of the occupy movement, and it needs to be done fast. The expectation of most liberals seems to be that this momentum will bring the democratic party to the power with a progressive political base, and that would lead to better reforms. I agree with that 'expectation' and think that will be a win for the occupy moment and the people in general.

However, is that …

Importance of history in affirmative action.

Our education system is based on the ideal that best and the brightest gets the best education and opportunities. This translates into the opposition for affirmative action, as racial prioritization in selection will deny some of the more 'qualified' students their chances of getting the best education they can. While most people agree that the American history plagued with racism has created unequal opportunities in the past, they argue that racism is mostly a thing of past. It's a common to hear people say, "I'm not a racist, nor are my parents, so why do I have to pay for a slavery that happened more than a century ago?". On the other hand, even some liberal minded people seem to think that the situation of minorities today is partly due to their own fault, "it's just that they are not trying hard enough". Hence the question is, almost 40 years after the civil rights movement (ok, 37 years), do we really need to talk about the historical fact…

Occupy Wall Street..!

I am sure you all have at least heard of Occupy Wall Street. When I first saw their announcement in August, it felt like a joke, and until Sep 17, most media outlets played it as a joke. When the momentum started gathering, it was called a get together of some lazy lunatics and got only abysmal coverage. However, today of course, it has become a centerpiece in the media, not in a positive way, but still, it has grown to a point that mainstream media cannot ignore. The main question most of us have is what is the purpose? If you listened to news, you probably know that the Occupy movement does not have one specific demand, and you cannot find one coherent voice within the movement as to what their demand is. But is it really needed? Are demands what determine a revolutionary movement? Is it having a solution? I think NO, it is the acknowledgement that we have a problem that is needed. And most importantly, it is the realization that us, the …

I agree with rawls

Yes, If you want the perfect justice system, you would look at the kind of justice and laws that comes forth from a society of equals. If you have no information about how you compare with others of the society, then inevitably you are forced to assume every one is equal. This would lead to a society where the justice is based on equality (which we are supposed to have today).

Well, in my view, if I were in such a society, my main proposals for justice would be these.. well apart from the basic human rights, atleast, which I don't think I should repeat.
A representative democracy (I dont see any other way around it)Right to free education, with no strings attached (untill you get out of high school, atleast work-study for university depending on the major)Right to free healthcare. No extensive medical support for non-vital medical needs, like life support (for aged if you are 95, just let it go), or plastic surgeries, and limited abortion (use contraceptives, for gods sake). It woul…

Why school districts?

School districts seem pretty intuitive, accepting only kids that live close to school. But is it really a fair approach? The schools in low income neighborhoods gets less and less resources (not particularly monetary resources, but personnel resources), and kids in those areas tend to mingle with more and more high risk kids which creates a downward spiral of negative youth development.

On the contrary, if the schools would accept any kid, from, say the county, or the state, that would flatten out this problem. Yes, you wouldnt want your kid to be hanging out with those gangster kids... But the reality is, your child looks for peers who matches his and his parents views. Thus if you spend more time looking after him, you wouldnt have to worry as much about his or her peers.

Obama Toasting Queen: Who's embarrassing, Obama or Beck?

Watching news from different media channels is usually pretty fun. You get to see how fair-and-balanced-ly the channels report the news. This is just one such instance I thought was funny.
Glen Beck targeted Obama's tour in Europe to bring some humor to his show. While I'm not sure how good a comedian Beck is, Obama's visit did indeed have a couple of funny moments. Specially him toasting the Queen while the UK national anthem "was"(As fox reports,) playing. That was an embarrassing moment for the US president (The fact that he didn't know it was the national anthem)
But the best part is how Beck reported it, compare the Beck's video with the Telegraph's one with a more complete footage.
Watch after 3.15 mins

The real footage (which doesnt seem to have been picked out of context)

Moon Rabbit!

Treading on the silk of a moonlit walk,
would you ever want the moon rabbit missed?
made of endless dark craters, the sign of imperfection
yet brings life to the milky angel of night.