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Where and What

Pain and depression, Sadness and melancholy! Which is where?   The dust, the tears, bodies lined up.   The darkness, emptiness, the yearning for a home. One calls for an action, through fire or water! It push and pull and hurt and burn..!   Anger, at those who soar the skies,     Spreading tears and covering with dust,     The souls below.   Tears, of respect and camaraderie,     That nourish the seeds of tomorrow,     Tomorrow, a dream, a hope, a call for a search.     Of a path. The other is persistent.   Demands no action, but acceptance.   No path forward, you only walk back,   Step back, forward!!   Looking at a past. Past?   Covered in dust,    Overgrown with moss.   Somewhere in the darkness.. A void.. A source you cannot see... Yet you know, feel, Were,   once the brightest of stars,   once the gentlest of moons. Are,   The sparkle of truth,   The real, eternal.

🌿 car sans the Bluetooth ®️

📻 "I feel too bad for all those who,     "left too early [at the game] yesterday!" ".. pshhhh [smh]" "Missed that ending..." Well, you should feel bad..! ..     For not trusting,     The America they promised you! Delivered! It's actually not that *** You see..! 🤡 Let me play some uplifting music..! [well, let us get payed  first] " ... To the peanut 🥜 festival ..." " Get your tickets today!" ( ; ♭♯♭ They sound like from x0??? ... ... Well, today! Like almost, a part of the resistance, Though somehow with, lack of heaviness. ™️ "I wanna dance with you..." "I'll be dancing on the flames ... Tonight" - Lady GaGa But how? 😈 You're on 🔥 "Easy money, 100$ for YOU to take home" ... "On Monday" ♯ ♭ ♯ "So much for my, Happy ending!! - Avril


 I speak, but do I say? I say, but do I mean? I mean, but do I believe? I believe, but do I feel? I feel, but am I? I am, but am not I