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Resiliant Capitalism

Why is capitalism so persistent? Is it the plasticity in capitalist ideology which allows absorbing it's own contradictions by way of reforming them in capitalism's own root image -- patriarchy --..? Prioritizing individualism in the capitalist economic system has forced the society to delegate social responsibility to state, which is a hierarchical mirror of the top down economic model. This has allowed the state to absorb these contradictions (need for both  be controlled by capital itself through politics. Faith , which is tied to religious and spiritual experiences, is replaced by an irrational faith in rationality itself, and has elevated money, as a token, to the role of a deity. God, but god that only care about our "productive (material)" labor. And since a lot of our social interactions have become stressful (for a billion reasons,) capitalist alternatives are built to help us socialize without the need of a real society -- real society where interactions