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Amon Goeth in Schindler's list and pardoning the devil.

I finally watched it. I was attached to the movie the full three hours, was deeply disturbed by the imagery of the real events that was happening touched by the show of humanity and ended the movie with tears. Great movie... Yes! (Though, it wasn't a great movie, no. I want to write about that too, on a different post). While there were many scenes that are brilliant in many ways, one act puzzled me very much and I think was just pure genius. That is the scene where Amon Goeth kills the boy who was cleaning his bathroom bowl. Here's the last part of it... In the outset the scene portrays the devilish commander killing an innocent boy who think he was pardoned. But I think the scene goes far beyond that. It shows how Amon exercises his new found interpretation of power, power to pardon, in its ultimate sense by pardoning himself. Showing that he finally truly understand the meaning of power, the ultimate power yielded only by God, to pardon a person as villainous as he is

Fighting the Imaginary Demons

I wanted to write more comprehensively about the video I posted a bit ago where Zizek was claiming that Hillary is in fact more dangerous than trump. But like many other things I consider doing, I know I will never get to that, so thought I'd clarify some of the thought that went behind my agreeing with Zizek's argument -- to a certain extent, at least. So, this is just an outline of what I think, and in no way a proper argument, since, well, this is not an argument where I bring facts and examples. Though you are welcome to look more into the idea if you are interested. Also, keep in mind that this is exclusively coming from somewhat Marxist perspective. Hence the end goal is creating a classless society by building strong coalitions among the global working class First, here's the (video)[]. My argument related to the video is that Hillary represents a real problem which perpetually creates the likes of Trump, and hence liberals&#

Summer Gone by..!

The repeated thought, "Life....!", With a deep sigh, And a sinking heart that follows, Are the only remnants, Of a summer gone by! Where all the smiles, And loving memories, Are reduced to dust, Of melancholy!

The Purpose

If life has none, but one purpose, It is to love, Love madly and deeply! If living is nothing, but one thing, It is to feel, profoundly, Both tears and laughter!

What's said and what wasn't..!

I'm confused, she said I still love you, I thought she said. I wanted to be free, she said, You made me a prisoner, I thought she said. I feel like a kid, she said, i want to fly high, and dance with the wind, I thought she said. I still love you, she said, And I want to be with you, she never meant. You made me a prisoner, she said, We sang, danced and made love in our prison together, she never meant. I want to fly high, and dance with the wind, she said, We can get lost in the clouds, and see the world from far above, together..... I know, she never meant!


      The earth moves beneath you, suddenly! And the void grows, fast! You struggle to find hold, Anything, whatever it maybe..!    But there's only emptiness, air! That reaches your hands, and feet! The heart races, the body twitches, While the darkness just keeps growing..   You refuse to see the truth, the light! That you are lost, and falling! Falling fast and deep, Into the void, you were always scared of!    But you wonder, If it's the void, Or being pushed to it, Unexpectedly, but "lovingly" That hurts most!      

A Reply to 'Dying Fall Tree.!"

She's not dying, She's just laying, resting... Fluttering whenever the cold breeze, Tickles her neck, whispers, And asks her to laze, Laze, and let it carry away, The sorrows of crimson and amber, She so dearly holds..

End of the road..!

It makes me shiver, Shiver to the bone. Not the flurry snowflakes, That kiss you and disappear on your face! Not the frigid wind, That wants to carry you far away! Nor is it the frozen roads, That don't want you to leave! But it is the thought, The gloomy thought, That this might be the end of the road, The pinnacle of melancholic beauty!