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Resiliant Capitalism

Why is capitalism so persistent? Is it the plasticity in capitalist ideology which allows absorbing it's own contradictions by way of reforming them in capitalism's own root image -- patriarchy --..? Prioritizing individualism in the capitalist economic system has forced the society to delegate social responsibility to state, which is a hierarchical mirror of the top down economic model. This has allowed the state to absorb these contradictions (need for both  be controlled by capital itself through politics. Faith , which is tied to religious and spiritual experiences, is replaced by an irrational faith in rationality itself, and has elevated money, as a token, to the role of a deity. God, but god that only care about our "productive (material)" labor. And since a lot of our social interactions have become stressful (for a billion reasons,) capitalist alternatives are built to help us socialize without the need of a real society -- real society where interactions

No anarchy in progress without fun,

And love, For all, The, Forgotten..! 

When Justice is Flames..!

When reality becomes absurd, The crazy becomes the norm. When peace become oppressive, Violence become salvation. And when white reflect only darkness, The colors will light up the path. When the red roses are sold and resold, The rocks and bottles will be distributed freely. When the history is being erased at the schools, The future will be plotted and written in dim-lit alleys. And when so much blood, has spilled unjustly, Justice itself, will be hungry for roaring flames!

Joker is REAL!

[From a free-writing entry where I was trying to write about anger, which evolved into thinking about the movie Joker. Posting after I saw this news , seems only relevant...] Joker, yes, joker! I should watch it again. My initial fascination with it centered around it's portrayal of Joker as becoming completely himself. Real, in contrast with the rest of the society who are merely responding to the world, or are either following or reacting. There maybe be a deeper philosophical thread that I'd like to explore, but probably don't have the proper tools to unpack. However, recently, I have started to feel that another reason I really liked the movie, and also one of the reasons it being heavily criticized by the elite media, was it's portrayal of the society (not just the Joker,) in a more realistic way. A realistic craziness and anger! Like, shouldn't we all be angry and mad by the atrocities committed across the globe? Shouldn't we be crying for our brot