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Pickup the trash

Don't push it! Words will appear, and disappear.. You glimpse a thread, and pull it towards, Hoping to weave a tapestry, With vibrant colors, Or darker hues. One moment you see it all, You feel it!! Next, It's dark. Empty... Like a room full of stuff. Living stuff! The desk, the chair, And a shirt hung, that we once shared. A closet, A bed, A trashbin, and the flowers placed right above. Flowers that are dry, and weeks old. But their purple color is very bright, still. Against a wall that's empty, and white. I kneel, pick up the lone peace of trash, The carpet is clean, Now. It's a scrambled white paper. A receipt, From one warm evening! For a pair of cold ice creams. I toss it into the trash, beneath the flowers, Whom you know, Will soon follow. It will be clean, then, And empty, truly. I will open the windows, Hang colorful tapestries, Nail soulful paintings, And place flowering succulents, I will try, To fill the void, L