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Nice meeting you!!

It's nice to meet new people, but not always. But as far as internet/ blogging goes I know you simply will navigate away from the page If you are bored, or if you don't like it. Or hopefully you will criticize my posts with a comment. But the point is, I dont have to be so polite or be 'A nice person with all the good you can expect'. Neither do I have to care about my grammar or spelling which i am not good at anyway. Actually this first post is just an extension to my 'About me' paragraph. So, well I am, aaaa... A child , who loves cartoons more than any other video... A confused thinker tangled in a mess of words, Communism, Marxism, liberalism, capitalism.. followed by a lot lot more.... There is a part of me who wants to study politics; simply because, after all thats the only way -that I can think of- to make things better (BETTER..!! gosh!! thats another word I hate!!!). But the problem is, I am afraid to make the wrong choice, as 'HE' said,