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Nice meeting you!!

It's nice to meet new people, but not always. But as far as internet/ blogging goes I know you simply will navigate away from the page If you are bored, or if you don't like it. Or hopefully you will criticize my posts with a comment. But the point is, I dont have to be so polite or be 'A nice person with all the good you can expect'. Neither do I have to care about my grammar or spelling which i am not good at anyway.

Actually this first post is just an extension to my 'About me' paragraph. So, well I am, aaaa...

A child, who loves cartoons more than any other video...

A confused thinker tangled in a mess of words, Communism, Marxism, liberalism, capitalism.. followed by a lot lot more.... There is a part of me who wants to study politics; simply because, after all thats the only way -that I can think of- to make things better (BETTER..!! gosh!! thats another word I hate!!!). But the problem is, I am afraid to make the wrong choice, as 'HE' said, I should have chosen a path to walk, (that was either X-Party or JVP, btw), and then see where it leads to, rather than looking at the entrances and asking the people passing by....!!

And the best times I remember are the times I spent with friends on Shramadhana campaigns, Funerals (...!!!) including the amazing couple of days I spent with JVP 'Sahana Sewa Balakaya' clearing The tsunami affected areas. I loved being a Social Worker.

AND I am LAZY, it may be just to get the phone right beside the bed or it may be to study in the day right before exams, That is the biggest weakness of me and I know, that is idiotic.

An Adventure Lover, Love moutaneering, and always eager to test my nerves stepping on to an edge of a rock boulder or jumping between two 50ft tall rocks...! (Well, I'm not as crazy as people on youtube!!). And there's lot more I would like to do. Bouldering( near future..!!), Rock climbing, White water rafting, Surfing, Skiing(Missed it in this winter, but surely, in the next winter), Sky diving, Bungee jumping, Snow climbing, gliding...etc. And that actually is one thing that made me stay in USA. There is much more things that you can do, and much more to explore.

And yeah, I definitely would like to meet a ghost, Mohini( or Dracula and see how good I am. But haven't been fortunate enough.

I love being lonely; hate being with people, sometimes even with friends and family. It is strange, sometimes I would just let myself alone and taste the bitterness of the pain and sorrow inside me, for which I really dont know a reason.......!!!!

And at last, I love computers, coding and Electronics(specially interested in stuff that integrates with computers), not to mention games (I'd say COD4 is the best). Well may be I will just study physics..... who knows, I love dat too.

Oki, If you are reading this, guess you have one word to describe me, the one that my friends (Oh I really really really do miss you guys and MORA) always used and one that I will never forget, 'Pissa' (means crazy person..!)


  1. nice reading ur blog too... keep it updated... :D

  2. Sure macho............. juz hav to find time.!

  3. umbath ithin thaththa vage nathai....

  4. Hey xcorat!
    I like the way you feel free to write whats on your mind.
    Keep on being you, I kinda think you will anyway!
    I am lazy most of the time as well, but I hide it pretty well.
    I didn't realise the LHC experiment will be closed for 2 months because of a leak....pity I'd love to find out what they discover.


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